Automation - new item from salesforce to make new item

Okay so I am working on creating a new set of boards for workflows and the items are generated from a salesforce integration. What i would like to do is to have the item created in my board from the integration and based on a certain status, have that item then recreated in another board designed for another aspect of the business. i tried to make automations based on the status change, but since the items are new from an integration it is not working. does anyone have any recommendations?

hi @roryanderson

Welcome to the community! Without knowing the full context it’s hard to tell. In general a new item created with values (like status) does not trigger on status change. Technically the status is not changed, the item was created with that status.

Can you try to build a custom automation on item change and only of status is the desired value?

ugh. i completely missed the plus sign. i have been staring at this screen for far too long. thats what i was looking to do. thanks!