Automation Rule Not Reading Status

First post,

I am new to monday. Setting up rules. I want a task to move to the Backlog Group if the status is set to “Backlog.” The rules engine is not reading the status items I added, however. Please see the loaded image.

How can I get monday to list the status items I added to the sub items column?

hi @perrymcleod

Welcome to the community. Are you sure those status labels are configured on the status column in your subitems? From the screenshot it is hard to tell but it looks like the “Backlog” label is a label for a status column in your items. You can pick the correct status column (either from your items or your subitems) by clicking the first underlined words.

I rebuilt simplified the status at the item and subitem levels. The rule is still not picking up all status. Please see the image attached, which shows both status levels.


It looks like you just need to scroll down.

JFC!!! I can’t beleive I didn’t notice that. Thank you!