Automation to add next task from a defined list

I’ve searched for the past hour or so and can’t find an answer to what in my mind must be really commonly asked for. I would like automation to pull a next task from a defined list in a specific order upon completion of the previous. I’m sure it’s really easy but I can see no way to set up the predefined list and / or to connect it to my board.

I’m so sorry for asking. Thanks in advance.

Hi @nawdrum - can you expand on your question a little more. This defined list, is this a separate board of tasks?


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it.

I have a list of tasks that occur chronologically when taking a client through our services. The list is what I’d like to use in Monday (I’ve only just started using it) if possible. Therefore it doesn’t actually exist yet apart from on a word document.

I’m looking to use Monday to track progress of me and my staff with all of our clients.

The idea is that my staff can jump on various clients cases and quickly see which stage they’re at.

Hopefully that makes sense?

Thanks @nawdrum - it might be best to look into utilizing Board Templates. This way you can define a set of tasks to be replicated for individual projects etc.

Depending on your setup, you can have each of these boards report status back to an overview board for a look at all projects at once (like a portfolio view).

If you ever need additional assistance, feel free to reach out any time.

Thank you Mark. I’ll give this a try. I really appreciate your time.