Groups in workspace ordered by date


I would like to have the same board structure as in ‘My work environment’.
With the groups:

This week (also with the overdue ‘not done’ tasks)
Next week

What automation can I use for this?

Hi Sharon,

You can create views for Next week, this week, later, and done. You would create a dropdown with those choices (or use the status field) and then use a filter on each of the boards to only show the tasks that have that status selected.

Does that help?
It’s possible I did not understand exactly what you are looking for.


I really would like it to go automatic instead of everything manually. It is for more than 100 content pieces per month :smiley:

Are you saying you want to put in a due date and it should automatically categorize based on due date?

I just checked through Monday automations and formulas and don’t see a good way to get this done. It could probably done with Are you familiar with that.

I’d be happy to help get it set up…

Yes I mean it like that. Just like the ‘My Work’ environment.

Aa oke, so we need to have a plug in for it?

You could call it a plugin or an integration. But yes, can’t do this alone.

Feel free to DM if you want help getting it set up.