Automation to delete items or achieve items, subitems too

So many emails are FW into ours boards, some of them are converted as tasks planned, but some of them we need to delete it after a period. Please give us automation to delete items after x days if accomplish status or x columns conditions.

Does anyone know how to use an automation to delete an item based on a column update? Example, I have a board where I create a record in a “Placeholder” group that’s waiting on an emailed google sheet to finish updating the record. When the emailed spreadsheet comes in, I have a filter that automatically forwards the email to this board and puts it in Emailed Items group. When those arrive, the company column (which is a connect board column) gets updated by my staff. Currently, we manually select the record in Placeholder group and delete it, but it would be nice to have an automation that knows how to look for a record with the same name & automatically delete it.

I had to figure this out for a client of mine. When it come a to the connect boards columns it’s hard to automate a deletion on any of the mirrored boards. You could create an automation on the physical board that has a status column to be marked as done when you are finished with the task. That “done” status can automatically delete that row on that board. If you pushed any information to another board and had it transferred- then the information would still be on that board and the connect boards column would be blank. But it would not be deleted. You would have to create an individual button on each board to mark off as done or complete so that an automation could be set from that button. I would love to see an example of what you mean and maybe I can suggest a work around. :blush:

Hope this made sense.

Hi, Brittany. Thanks for the feedback. I currently have a button that is clicked to delete the item I do not want. But I would like an automation to simply take care of it. Example is below—the item in Placeholder group is created when a certain event occurs and we are waiting on an email back. When the email comes into the board, it’s assigned to the same company record and I wish an automation would then delete the item in Placeholder group. I can make that happen when I am importing items, but haven’t figured it out for this scenario yet.

Hi @awright @Britney - I did a post on this kind of setup a little while back on how to manage deletion of connected items. Have a read as it may help :slight_smile:

Tip Tuesday - How to Delete a Connected Item in a Master Board Setup - Workflows / Show & Tell - monday Community Forum


Thanks Mark. I understand your recommendation, but I’m not trying to delete items in another board. The item is in the same board. The placeholder item is there simply because we are waiting on a email and the placeholder items helps trigger us to follow up when we don’t get that email item. Once the email comes in to the board, that item is the one we use as our main item and we delete the placeholder one. Currently I have a delete button that we click to delete the placeholder, which takes a millisecond so I think I’ll stick with that until there’s a better solution. Thanks again!!