Tip Tuesday - How to Delete a Connected Item in a Master Board Setup

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This was brought forward from a “Master Board” setup. The master board contains all the items from multiple boards and the items are then mirrored down to the child boards. When I delete an Item from the Child Board or the Master Board, I want its corresponding connected item to be deleted.


Although the items are connected, when you Delete the item in one board it will remain in the other board. In a Master Board setup, if a task is deleted we want to ensure it is removed from both the Master Board and the Child project board for consistency.


We cant use the standard delete option unless we want to manually delete it in both boards so instead, create a new status option called “Delete” in the Master Board and then add a new hidden status column on the child project board template called (delete trigger) with a status option of “Delete”.

We then set some simple automations on the each of the board to manage the process.

On the Master Board:

We add a single automation to delete the Item on the Master Board when the Status changes to Delete. Remember, this status is mirrored to the Child Project boards as well.

Then on the Child Project Template board, add the following two automations:

Since we cannot use a mirrored column to delete an item, we trigger the change of the mirrored status of Delete to change the hidden (delete trigger) column to Delete.

We then use the (delete trigger) column to delete the item from the child board.

Now, whenever the Status is changed to “Delete” on either the Master Board or the Child Board(s) the item will be deleted on both boards!

Of course, this is a specific example but could be applied to a number of combinations!

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Hi Mark, I am trying to get this set up but unable to. I may be doing something wrong. On the child project, I am adding an automation but I can’t choose the mirror column as a status that will trigger the change of status to “Delete”. So it only deletes from the master and not the child project boards since it’s not picking up the change. Could it be that my set up is not mirrored properly?

Here is what I did:
I created a status column on the master board with automation to delete and it works for the master.
I created a mirror column on the child boards pointing to the master board column of status and created another hidden status column. I tried setting up the automation but can’t select the mirror column as a status to trigger the hidden status column to show as delete and for the item delete as well. How can I get this done? I feel like my set up is missing something or I am doing it wrong.

Hi @iam.alandiaz - the use of mirrored columns is limited and are not supported in custom automations (at this time). What you will need to do is choose the stock automation for your child project boards:

This will allow you to choose the mirror status.


That worked! Thank you for the help! I was customizing it and it wasn’t working that way but as soon as I used the template you recommended, it worked!

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Thanks for letting us know @iam.alandiaz - glad this solution has worked for you :slight_smile: