Automation to delete item in another board

Hello, Is there an automation recipe to delete items inside another board?
When status changes to “done” in Board A delete items from board B

All items on board B, or items on board B that are connected to the item in board A?

You can use the “When status changes to something, change another status to something” listed in the linked article on board B, if you mirror the status of board A to board B (two-way mirror).

Now you can change a status on board B when the status on board A changes (via the mirror of board A on board B), and use that change to drive the deletion of the item on board B.

“When status changes to something, delete item”

Thank you for the response.
All items in board B should be deleted. The items in the two boards are not connected.
Basically empty Board B


This is not going to be possible without an item connection, using native capabilities. It will require custom work in something like OR a third-party app developer to create the functionality.

Could you explain the use case for this? Might make it easier to spur someone to action.

Are there multiple items on board A and does each item relate to another board? IS board B created from an automation on board A? Just trying to get a big picture as to whats happening because any item on A changing status shouldn’t delete all items on board B - i wouldn’t think.

Again thank you. My scenario is like this

  1. I have a Board A, which has a Form and information is collected using the form.
  2. When the form is submitted, the item created from the form is inserted in a second Board B (only few columns match)
  3. Board B is used as a template to create a third Board C.
  4. Delete all the items in Board B

Step 4 is the issue for me.


GOTCHA. So basically what you’re trying to do is have a board C from template created when a form is submitted.

I take it what you’re facing is if you can’t create a new board then add items to it with an automation. So you’re using board B as a proxy to create board C so the automations can create the item in the new board then trigger creating board C using board B as a template.

I do see what you’re trying to do. If you had a recipe that could create board C from template and then create the item in board C that would be superior?

Yes, that is what actually I need. But since I am creating a board from a template, the new board does not exist yet, so I cannot insert an item in that board.
So I am using Board B as a proxy board. But I dont want Board B to keep getting items added.


Alright, I can’t promise it, but that clarification at least points in the right direction of the best solution. Hopefully somebody can devise this.

I know it could be done in if you wanted to invest in that effort. Board B would be the template, and there is a mutation in the API to create a board from template. That would return the new boards ID and allow make to then create the item.