Automation to move PDF's from Monday file column to dropbox

I’m trying to create an automation that can move a PDF from a Monday file column to a Dropbox folder. Is this possible in Integromat?

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Yes, it’s possible! You need to use the temporary public URL of the file to retrieve it. @Enyetahip our lead Integromat automation expert can give more details, he’s implemented it several times for our clients.

Thanks for the quick response. I pulled the PDF’s public URL and tried saving that public URL as a .pdf in a dropbox folder. A PDF did populate in my dropbox but I got an error message when i tried to open it. I’m assuming I’m missing a step.


Hey @Dwolffe :wave:

Although I haven’t set this up myself personally, it seems like the issue might be related to the extension of the file. For some reason, it seems to have been duplicated twice:


Would you be able to try removing one of the extensions to see if that helps open the file?

@PolishedGeek thanks for your help with this! As always, it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:



Thanks for your help. I was actually able to get it to work with the sequence below. After retrieving the public URL you have to “download a file from a given URL” using “HTTP”, then i could save it into my dropbox. Thank you for mentioning that i would need the public URL to do this, if you hadn’t i’d still be running around in circles.


Hi @PolishedGeek @Enyetahip!

Do you have a tutorial regarding this specific automation? I am very much interested in implementing this but I am not very familiar with Integromat. I think I replicated the process but when it gets to HTTP I don’t know how to solve the issue.

Thank you!

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