Automation to Send an Outlook Email upon change of Status

We have set up a form that will be embedded on a webpage where users can submit a request. Collecting basic information about their request, request date, the requestor’s email, and an option to upload a file. How can we automate the process of sending the person an email when there is a change of Status? Are add-ins needed?

Hey @czmilw! You should be able to utilise the Outlook integration to achieve this - specifically this recipe below:

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 3.49.36 pm

You can set up an email column and input the users addresses so that for each item when that status changes, the relevant person is contacted.

Let me know what you think!

Sorry to butt in @czmilw !

@BiancaT Hi Bianca, I’m trying to do the same as the OP but I’m getting the following error. Have you come across this issue before?

Sorry to hear this @queen

Can you please try reconnecting your Outlook account by following the steps below?

  1. Edit the connection via the recipes setting:

  1. Then, even if you want to use the same account, click on the “Use another account” option and follow the steps to connect the same account:

Let me know if this helps!!

Hi Bianca

This is exactly what I’ve done about 4 times and it’s still the same :frowning:

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Hmm this doesn’t sound right then :frowning: Would you be happy to reach out to and share this information? If it is automatically connecting to the wrong account despite having selected a different account then this doesn’t sound expected. You’re welcome to share this community thread with any screenshots or screen-recordings to help demonstrate the issue - the more context the better so our technical team can investigate :pray: