Automation to send status update based on % of task complete fails because the % complete column is a calculation

I have a “% complete” column, which is a calculation of Budgeted Hours to Total Time entries: ROUND(DIVIDE(100,{Budgeted Hrs})*{Logged Time},0)

I want to setup automations that send status updates when the % reaches specific thresholds (e.g., 50%, 80%, 100%). I can see automations cannot see the calculated number as a number. I believe I need to setup another column that shows the calculated number as a number/value.

This seems to be the same as in excel needing to set a reference cell that shows a value of the cell with the formula, and the value cell is then used for other formulas. How is a Monday column setup to show the value of a formula cell? Or, other recommendations for a solution?
Thank you!

Hey @TLC-Troy,

What you’re describing it’s not possible, because you would need to use a formula column in an automation, which is impossible at the moment.

For you to achieve what you want, you will need to do the percentage calculation using a third-party tool and write the result to a number column. You can use an app like General Caster to do so.

After you have your number column synced with the correct value, you can set up an additional automation to do what you need:

And there you go! Now you can do any custom action depending on the percentage value of your “% Complete” column, as soon as it changes.

Let me know if that solves your issue!

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Best regards,
Eduardo @ Worktables