Automation - Wait a period of time

I think it would be helpful for an automation to have an option for it to 'wait for a [period of time] before continuing the automation.

In my thinking it would give the possibility of notifying someone else of changes made to a item but after a little bit of time. This may be helpful when you don’t want them to jump right in as soon as they get the notification if you are not done editing the item.

Hey Daniel,

This is achievable to an extent in the platform, as shown below! That said, are you looking to have these options improved in the recipe configuration?

Hey Bianca!

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: In my situation, I think there could be a tweak by allowing us to use the date column of ‘Last Updated’. I am imagining an automation that goes something like:

One Day after ‘Last Updated’
Then notify Bob Blah

Thanks for considering

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Agreed with Daniel. To provide another example, when a task is marked as complete, I’d like to notify someone one week later rather than right away.

This can be accomplished by setting the date as today in a dedicated date column, then pushing the date by one week, then triggering the notification in a separate automation. That solution is not optimal because it requires creating multiple automations and it requires creating a customer date column that is only used for automation purposes. This dedicated date column would need to be manually removed from each irrelevant view, which takes a ton of time.