Automation with forms & multiple boards

Hi Everyone

I have a property company and am after a bit of helping configuring my to take it to the next level for my team.

I’ve summarised what i’m looking for in the word document attached.

Items in bold are ones we require assistance on from experts :blush:

  1. Tenant complete the form which is embedded in our website – Looking for assistance on how to embedded it into our website –

Notes: Have now added in a email & telephone number section.



  1. Form populates our moving out board with the information. See below example


3. My team can then get notified that there is a new request in.

4. Our team can then review and set a status on the pulse. Accepted or reject.

5. Accept the pulse get duplicated and moved to another board called letting available, the tenant then get a standard email with the necessary attachments or text message saying it have been approved with template message.

5a – on the lettings available board where all the information followed through, everyone on the board get a notification to say a new property/ room is available. This will be a shared board with our internal team and an external agent we use.

6. Rejected status applied on status for the move out board in-line with the principle of point 5. The tenant then receives either a standard email or text message which is automated.

7. When the status on the letting move in board changes to reserved everyone gets notified automatically of the update.


Hopefully this makes sense, I’m aware the boards aren’t the same but are in early stages of development.

Any assistance would be welcome

This workflow looks incredible so far and makes a lot of sense to me! As for your question on embedding the form into your own website, I made this quick video to show you where you can find the embed code:

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Hi Emily

That’s great. Couple other questions:

  1. Once you’ve taken the embedded form link how does that work in our website?

  2. Would you be able to help me with items 3-7?