Automations: Boards name + icon when selecting connections in automations

When having lots of boards, different workspaces, etc… the functionality for automations connecting to different boards is quite basic and hard to read.

It would be good something easy and helpful to read them like adding the workspace icon to know which workspace is realted to that board, and/or a mouse over identifying the complete board’s name.

In our case we have many common boards that have the same name as every team in different countries or areas, have their workspace (copied from the Workspace 1)

So the workspaces are all the same way. But, when you duplicate the boards-workspaces to create a new team structure, you must reconnect the automations to the proper board in that specific workspace.

Is in that moment that having the same structure is quite hard to detect errors or missing automations links (and having different names is not possible due to user guides, common knowledge, etc…)

Just adding the workspace icon to the automation description, (same like inside the dropdown when you want to choose it), will help a lot to identify which board is in reality.
Different boards names also do not work as the size of the field do not let you see all the board’s name.


Before editing the automation is worse, as the only way to know which board is talking about, you must go inside, click on it, blablabla…
A simple icon could help a bit.