Automations not fully executing


I have an automation that is supposed to do two things:

  1. [Timeframe] before [date] arrives create an item.
  2. Set [Status] to [Something].

For example, we are tracking dates that licenses expire. 60 days before this happens, we create an item in a group, and set the status to “License expires in 60 days”.

My issue is, that the automation will create the item, but it will not change the status. I am unsure what is happening.

Hi @Featherheart - when automations run there are specific to the row that triggered it. At this time you cannot use the “create an item” and then “set status to X”. It is likely changing the original items status.

What you can do is click on the image text in your automation and set the value of the status field within it.

Hopefully this helps!
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