Automations with Workplace Templates (Apps/Developers)

Can we use automations to generate workspace template folders?

ie A) We’ve made a pretty great chunk of boards/dashboards that live in a folder B) We can get users to generate these manually using Add Template OR C) We get users to enter an automation to create these on the fly as items get moved, people get assigned, etc. Data from the item goes into the folder name and various fields within the boards.

eg A) Could be used for sales pipelines; sales person moves item to won > folder is create in a different workspace automatically called X project (name of item) > value of deal gets moved to project value and spread to finance boards and dashboards > project brief gets added as first group before predetermined structure > etc etc.

Any ideas?

Hey Julius! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Are you looking to use our no-code automations for this, or are you open to using our API?

It isn’t possible to create and organize folders using automations or the API.

However, you may be able to accomplish this using the API and Workspaces as the layer of hierarchy (rather than folders). Is that an option?

Our API doesn’t support every operation around workspaces, but you can do this:

  1. Create a new workspace
  2. Create boards inside the workspace
  3. Add items to the boards inside a workspace

In transparency, here are some things our API cannot do (yet):

  • Create folders and move boards into them
  • Move existing boards between workspaces
  • Move items between boards

What do you think? This approach would essentially build the data from scratch in a new workspace (instead of moving the data from one place to another).

Ideally, a no code automation here would be the killer. But our engineers could build something using the API once you guys get around to it.

Your solution could be fun for testing but many workspaces means much mess. I am confused here though using a very simple app creation workflow we were able to create workspace templates - but they populate as a folder in the workspace you are in. Can we not access that yet in the API?

I’ll get our engineers to play with the API and hopefully set up what you’ve suggested anyway. Thanks for the help!

Hi @Viewport!

Using our Workspace Templates feature within our apps framework, you are able to create a folder within the current workspace with template boards of your choosing.

However, sadly there isn’t yet an automation that is able to complete this for you automatically. You can create new app features off of each of your workspaces, but this process isn’t able to be done with our API as Dipro mentioned.

Definitely let us know if you have any additional questions here!

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