Create a template bundle?

Hello, I noticed when I use the Template center, there are some templates that are really a bundle of templates (Such as Project Portfolio, Customer Projects, etc.) that when created have a folder with multiple boards, dashboards, workdocs, etc.

Is it possible to do this myself? I would like to have a template that is really a bundle of several custom templates and a folder.

Note, I’m able to create single templates, but nothing that is a bundle. Thanks!

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Have you tried a workspace template? We use this to create a set of 4 boards for every project. It’ll keep SOME connections and automations together, but still better than creating from scratch.

  1. Create the boards/dashboards in a new, open workspace
  2. While in the workspace, click the three dots […] next to the workspace name and select “Save as template”

Now when you want to create that set of boards

  1. Click the + and select “Choose as templates”
  2. Select “Templates created in your account” in the top left navigation bar and choose the Workspace tempalte (whatever you named your workspace)

Hi Desmond,
Thank you, I’ll give this a try right now!

Thank you so much, that worked!! :smiley: :+1:

Hi! Does this just create a new workspace with the boards in it or can it create a folder within a current workspace? Thanks!

Hi Melinda, it does not create a new workspace. You’re just using a separate workspace to build the template.

You can choose to create the boards/folders to (I think) any location of your choosing as long as you have access to that workspace.


Correct, that is exactly what I did. I created a workspace I called “Template Build” and then created the folder, board, and document structure I wanted. That was all I had in the workspace. Then I used function to turn that Workspace into a template.

Then when I wanted to use it in another workspace, I used the + button and selected to create from template, then went to “templates in my workspace” and there it was! When I used that, it created the structure with all the folders and content.

I am using this for similar projects to implement software. So we have a similar plan and some related plans like contact registers and risk registers. And then I have a standard meeting notes Workdoc template as well. Once I use the template I just name everything as I want it, and then customize for the specific. Its great!


@dnmonday and @JessMergen Thanks! I was able to create the template. Do you use any automations to create this grouping template? For instance, when a project phase changes to planning then create a board from template? I am not seeing the workspace template as a choice. Thank you so much!

Unfortunately workspace templates are not supported by automations. We have an automation to alert us to create the template manually.

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Thank you. Maybe this functionality will be in a update for 2024 :slight_smile:

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this was a promising solution until it said it could not save because it exceeded 500 items. :frowning:


If I am understanding you correctly: When you went to create the Workspace Template, you received an error. I’ve seen something similar. So to get around this, I created a pair of Workspaces specifically for this process. I have a “PMO Development” workspace where I fuss with templates, and save past versions of them so that I can update templates in a monthly or quarterly release. Then when my folders and templates are ready I move them to a “PMO Prod” folder. Then I create the Workspace Template.

I found in the “PMO Prod” folder I need to do some maintenance first, for each release cycle. Such as turning off the current items being templates, and moving them to the release history in my “PMO Development” workspace. That then frees up and clears out the “PMO Prod” Workspace for me to move the new/updated items in, and create the Workspace Template.

I don’t edit Templates after I release them as a template. I copy them, and then work to set up new features or changes. This is just a method to keep me sane!

This way I only have a small number of folders and items in the Workspace that becomes the template. It might mean that depending on your needs, you may need to do something similar.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: - of course, if you do have more than 500 items in a Workspace you need to make into a template bundle, then that is of course a limitation

I can’t seem to make this work. Perhaps our plan doesn’t include this functionality? We have a Nonprofit - Pro Plan.

Once you have created your template, do you then delete the boards from your Creating Templates workspace? So that you can repeat the process again for another bundle?

I think you need to keep each template within that specific template workspace. To my understanding, Monday is pulling everything in the workspace (that you’ve saved/published as the template) each time.

If you’re wanting multiple, different template bundles, then you will need workspaces for each. If you’re not needing a template bundle, you can simply save an individual board as a template if you’re worried about have many workspaces. Hope this makes sense and please anybody let me know if I’m wrong.


Thank you for the prompt response :smiley:

I concur, the workspace is the bundle. Another thing to remember is it actually pulls from the boards in the workspace when you deploy a template. This means any changes you make to the template boards will show up when a bundle is deployed - no need to recreate the bundle.