Save a Folder as a Template with all Boards and Dashboards Included

We would love to be able to create a Folder of boards and dashboards from a template. We currently have to create each individual board from a template and them manually create folders to organize the boards. It is inefficient for us to manually create each board that we ned to when we bring on a new client and then need to go through and organize each board into folders.

It would be a great feature so be able to create a folder of boards and dashboards and be able to save it as a template for future replication and use. It would save a ton of time and effort.

hi @NickNourishandSow

There is a concept of workspace templates which might solve this for you. It is in the app builders section and more info can be found here Workspace Templates

Hi @basdebruin - what if the workspace we are creating is our own proprietary system and we don’t want our system to end up in the hands of a competitor once the template is available on the store? That’s our biggest concern is that any and everyone will have access to our product.

Hi there - is it possible to make a workspace private? Or is that only with an Enterprise account? We need to create a workspace template, but don’t want it on the store as it’s our actual product.

Hello @cosmiq,
As far as I’m aware, unless you explicitly share your created template, it shouldn’t be available for everyone expect for those in your account. For example, this is a sample Template I created that I haven’t shared yet. When I go to the share link, it says that the app is private.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @kolaai - this definitely answered my question. Thank you for this!

Hi @basdebruin - we created an app and installed it, however, we cannot find the workspace template. Not sure what we are doing wrong, but no matter where I look, I cannot find the template. Could you please assist?

Here is a screen recording of what we have created/installed - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

hi @cosmiq

Long time ago I used this. On top of my head it is where you create a new board, then select “Choose from templates”. Then select “Templates in your account”.

Yea, we tried that and it’s not in our workspaces. Only the board templates and docs, but the actual workspace isn’t there. Trying to figure this out. Thank you anyway.

Have you tried following this doc? Workspace Templates