Save a Folder as a Template with all Boards and Dashboards Included

We would love to be able to create a Folder of boards and dashboards from a template. We currently have to create each individual board from a template and them manually create folders to organize the boards. It is inefficient for us to manually create each board that we ned to when we bring on a new client and then need to go through and organize each board into folders.

It would be a great feature so be able to create a folder of boards and dashboards and be able to save it as a template for future replication and use. It would save a ton of time and effort.

hi @NickNourishandSow

There is a concept of workspace templates which might solve this for you. It is in the app builders section and more info can be found here Workspace Templates

Hi @basdebruin - what if the workspace we are creating is our own proprietary system and we don’t want our system to end up in the hands of a competitor once the template is available on the store? That’s our biggest concern is that any and everyone will have access to our product.

Hi there - is it possible to make a workspace private? Or is that only with an Enterprise account? We need to create a workspace template, but don’t want it on the store as it’s our actual product.

Hello @cosmiq,
As far as I’m aware, unless you explicitly share your created template, it shouldn’t be available for everyone expect for those in your account. For example, this is a sample Template I created that I haven’t shared yet. When I go to the share link, it says that the app is private.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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