Ability to Create Template Folders

We organize projects into folders with a series of board and doc templates. It would be very helpful if we could create a template folder, so that when a project starts we can create a new folder with all the template boards and docs already there for modification/edit/input.

Hi @JessicaWM
Did you look into using workspace templates
While it is not exactly what you are after it may help you organize some of this.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did consider workspace templates; however our office could easily have twenty different projects. And 20+ workspaces feels excessive; folders are more appropriate for us. As of now we are working with a workspace for projects, marketing, general office, and resources, which feels right. I’m also not sure how archiving workspaces would work when a project is complete.

Did you ever figure this out, I’m in the same situation. Thanks in advance

No, I’ve just had to create new folder and individually add our template boards and docs to it.