I have corresponded with the community and had a call/shared screen session with one of your support team members about automation but no one has found a solution yet and they said I need to speak with an automations team expert. We have Work OS and we also have CRM Pro Plan. I’m trying to automate creating/moving an item from our Sales Stage when it is Closed Won in our Deals Board, to create a new Project in Work OS so that the Deal becomes the kick-off for a new Project, and we then start using all of the Work OS functionality to run our projects. We’ve been working with Work OS for a few years so there is some legacy to contend with. I have not found a automation expert that can help yet. We’ve been able to connect our boards and set up columns in Work OS with the connected board columns, but I cannot get the column values to automatically populate in Work OS. It has to be done manually. And there seems to be a limitation with automating/mapping mirrored fields in CRM Pro Plan to Work OS. Can you help?

Michael - did you ever find an answer to this post? My team is asking the same question. Thanks.