Migrating sales process to CRM from Work OS

We’ve been using Work OS and built customer fields for sales into this environment. Now, we are adding in Sales CRM so we’re going to need to duplicate/map what we’re doing and transition to a Sales CRM process. Do you have any examples of this that you can share in the community? The goal is to share the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities from the sales process with the Work OS project management side of the business. I’m looking for examples of where this has been done.

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Following - @MRC-Fridays-1960 I would like to set automations for something that happens in CRM to create a new board in Work OS for our project management team. Have you found this is possible for the two products to “speak to each other”? Or is it best to keep everything in CRM?

I have work os plan, but it seems that my account is an old one, that doesn’t allow me to get other monday products such as Sales CRM, Monday management to communicate with each other. Monday support told me that i have to switch account to monday new product released last year, and I can switch just the boards, the automations, integrations and weebhooks would be lost. This is really disappointing, beacuse i think is essential you allow support in this regard. It seems Monday got lost in the launch of new products that do not talk to each other and end up being the SAME to charge different pricing.