Legacy Work OS boards - what happens when I purchase Sales CRM with Work Management

My team has been using legacy monday OS for many years and has many project boards. We are purchasing Sales CRM (which is built on top of work management - is this the same thing as work OS, and what will happen to my existing boards at time of purchase. We cannot start from scratch.

Hi Karen!

If you’re purchasing the sales CRM product, this will have no impact on your existing work in the platform. Once purchased, the product will be added to your account and you’ll be able to switch between Work Management and sales CRM with ease, while all work remains in tact :slight_smile:


I’m a bit confused regarding monday products and the original Work OS.
If you want to create a new account, do you have to chose one of the products (Work Management, Sales CRM or Dev)? Is the Work OS no longer available, or just renamed to Work Management? Please clarify.

Secondly, I recently got feedback from monday support, that if I wanted to add the Sales CRM Product to my account, it could not be done because:
“your account was created 2 years ago before our products were released. At this moment, your account is not on our Products Infrastructure, so, it wouldn’t be possible to add the CRM Product to your account.”

My question is then: are there some differences in how old your account is and the capabilities of adding new products?

Hey @Sjurd,

Sorry for any confusion caused here - happy to help explain :slight_smile:

To confirm, the core Work OS is the Work Management and this the core platform you can purchase other products on-top of. There’s no way to purchase the products individually without also having the core (Work Management) purchased. Does this make sense?

As for your second point, this is correct. At this time our development team are working on a solution to allow for products to be purchased on the old infrastructure - currently it isn’t possible to grant products to the old infrastructure due to structural and technical limitations. That being said, I’d be happy to grab your email over a private message and can check whether there is a possibility products can be granted? :pray:

Thanks @BiancaT !
This makes sense.
About my second point, I’m currently doing fine as is, so no worries. Thanks.

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Glad to hear this clarified things! Let me know if any further questions pop up!

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