Backward Workdays Formula- Convert from Formula column to General Caster recipe

Hello! Need to replicate a formula being used within a Formula column, within General Caster instead. Grab the existing logic being used within the Formula column (works great!) and translate it to a General Caster formula to do the same.

What the formula does:
Calculates a new date subtracting WORKDAYS from a given date accounting for holidays

Why I need to convert it to General Caster:
To cast results to a Timeline or Date column so automations can be used (Formula column results are not actionable)

Formula vs General Caster Conversion that is not working:

Error Message:
image (6)

Hello @JCorrell ! This is a formula I found on one of your YouTube videos and works exactly as intended! Just need help converting it to a General Caster version so I can cast the results to a Timeline/Date column so we can create automations on the results.

Hi @alexbb,

I do not know General Caster very well. As I understand it, it uses Excel type syntax. You might try using the Google to find an Excel version of the “Backward Workdays” formula.

Jim - The Monday Man
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Will do. Thank you Jim!