Be able to see widgets on the mobile app

Be able to see widgets on the mobile app. E.g. text boxes, whiteboards, etc.

Currently looks like dashboards are only available on desktop view and desktop view is not available on iPads.

any updates on this? This would be huge for our usage. or can you provide some input on this? It’s very frustrating not being able to access dashboards on mobile. Most of the limitations at the board level are available with dashboards. Without dashboards on mobile Monday not useful. This big marketing push from Monday to prioritize the App Views is showing how prior requested features from dedicated paying customers, is taking a back seat to the new market opportunity of ‘work from home.’

Hello @abiciea! Thanks for the feedback - I do understand how dashboards on mobile would be extremely useful. While this is not something we currently support, we are aware of this request and hoping to get working on this in the coming quarter. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Improved dashboards for mobile would be highly beneficial to us (and I’m sure many others). More specifically, we have been creating custom dashboards for each of our projects (typically last a month or longer). Each project dashboard is a “snapshot” for the project, which would be awesome to show our customers in the field. Although it looks great on desktop/laptop, we do not always have our laptops in the field.

It would be great for Dashboards to work conveniently on mobile

Currently phones need to be held landscape in order to much of anything on a cell phone. I agree it needs a facelift. I also think that the ability to adjust column size as you do on an Excel sheet would be very helpful here as well.

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Late to this discussion, but I agree as well. The vast majority of my team are out in the field and are referencing dashboards to keep track of a wide variety of projects, and being able to edit the dashboard items from mobile would be a lifesaver.

Another thing I noticed was that the dashboard doesn’t really scale well on mobile - it has to be held in landscape to view the data neatly. It would be nice if the dashboards got a bit more love for mobile.

Currently looks like dashboards are only available on desktop view and desktop view is not available on iPads.

Hi everyone! Thank you for your support of this feature request and your patience with us in responding. We did want to mention that dashboards are currently supported in mobile, however due to some space limitations, we are still working on resolving and refining the functionality. At this time, dashboards inside a board and multi-board dashboards are visible in view-only, with more limited editing capabilities - please know that our mobile developers are always working on improving this :pray: Your continued patience and understanding is appreciated!

Congratulations! You are now able to see widgets on the mobile app and our community had a part in its creation!

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