Best Board for Building an Event Run-of-Show

I am building a schedule for a conference. I am listing every single action that is required for each session or event activity. Once I build the board, I need to be able to slip an item in between 2 existing item, and I need for all of the subsequent items to appear in order under the newly entered item. I’m not sure I built the right board. I need to be able to update the board on the fly during the conference when things fall behind or move up in our schedule. Real-time updating will help our event staff to see all recent schedule changes on the app. Which board should I be using/building?

Hey @SusanPowellVA - welcome to the community! :partying_face:

Can I ask if our dependency feature would be helpful for you here? Essentially you can make real time updates, and ensure that all items within the schedule are adjusted accordingly, based upon those updates/changes.

Additionally, it is also possible to add in new items (between items) and have all subsequent items remain in order.

You’re welcome to send over a screenshot if it’s easier to explain the scenario :blush:

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The video was helpful in understanding dependencies, but the Gantt chart and example were based on DATES. I need to be able to adjust start TIMES, and then have every subsequent end time and subsequent start time adjust automatically based on the one prior start time that I adjusted.

Here’s an example: During this event, in real time, someone will text me, and say that our entire program has fallen behind by 15 minutes. I have to turn around and adjust the schedule to show this 15-minute delay, and inform the venue staff that we need to delay setting out a meal. The schedule needs to automatically adjust based on this one start time change. Our event staff need to be able to see all real-time adjustments right away, so they know what’s going on and when.

I played around with dependencies and automations for a bit, but I couldn’t get all times to adjust automatically by the amount of time that one item prior was changed.

Thanks for getting back to me! I can see exactly what you mean here, and apologise that times are not currently supported with our dependencies - this is a really great suggestion that I will definitely share with my team. I’ve investigated internally and at this time my team have recommend looking into using our API to achieve something like this or a third party application such as Integromat. I definitely recognise this is not an ideal workaround and will take this feedback on board :pray: