Best practises for Monday CRM when dividing a Opportunity across several services/products

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I am using Monday CRM to register opportunities. I have one parent opportunity, and I am using subitems for the specifics of the opportunity, where for example professional services is one subitem with specific columns, and licensing is one subitem and so on.

I am wondering if this is considered best practise, or if I should treat the underlying subitems as unique parent deals? The issue that this brings along is I will have to have more columns in the parent item to be able to enter data related to the specifics, but it will probably be much easier to not run into system limitations while wanting to sort and visualize due to not having subitems. How have you guys done it?

Hi @pdotc - thanks for your message. The term “best practice” can be a bit of a misnomer with monday in some areas. It’s more the question of “what’s the best practice for you, your business and their related processes”.

As it relates to your specific use case, I see no issue with setting it up this way if you get what you need out of the system in the end. There are a few other ways you could also approach this, but it again depends on your processes. The key items we always analyze prior to defining a process are (but not limited to):

  1. Reporting Requirements (Dashboards, KPIs, Board Views)
  2. Security Requirements (who is allowed to see what)
  3. Volume of Data (can the design handle the data requirements (# of items, # of connections, etc))
  4. Integrations (is the board structure lend itself to an optimized for required integrations (incoming and outgoing))
  5. User Roles (who does what in relation to processes)

Short answer long, I know :slight_smile:

If you are ever looking for a hand during the build cycle feel free to reach out any time.


That is exactly the issues I am facing. For example, for Dashboards, the Sub-item setup very much limits how I can visualize my data. So - that’s why I am asking for examples of how others have done in the same situation as me.

No one else has solved this in a smarter way? Surely there must be a lot of companies using CRM and have multiple services and products connected to the same opportunity?

Is there really not anyone at the team that can address this? This is so basic for any CRM system that a deal includes several items/products/services? How do people solve this in an acceptable manner? I’m puzzled here…

Hey @pdotc

Thanks for reaching out to the community! Creating subitems in CRM provides your board with an insightful structure by allowing you to add layers of information within the files on your board! You can utilize them to better decentralize your workflow or run more complex processes on a single board. In general, using subitems will give you the high-level item aspect that you are looking for when splitting your work for a more comprehensive view.

If you want to create and organize boards/subitems for your processes, hire dedicated professionals from a consulting firm. They can build subitems in line with your business requirements.