Billing automaticly each month per email?


I would like to see the following implemented:
Currently, we have to manually download your invoices from Monday and process them into our administration system every month.

Is it possible to have these invoices sent automatically to a desired email address each month? This way, we can automate the process within our administration program.

Currently, I have to remember to download and process the Monday invoice every month. It would be much more convenient if it could be automatically emailed to the user every month. We will then automate the further processing into our administration program, which would save us time and effort.

Looking forward to hearing about the possibilities :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Roger | ROAX

Does no one has this issue? We automate everything, but we can’t receive our monthly payment (Monday) PDF by e-mail so we can automaticly ‘by Outlook rules’ to our accounting program so we don’t have to:

1.) Go to url out of email
2.) Click to open 3 dots
3.) Click on look on receipt
4.) Download the receipt
5.) Put this in our accounting program.


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