Board Permissions versus Column Restrictions

We have board permissions as well as column restrictions.

In our organization we have people assigned to items and have put in board permissions such that only those assigned to items can make edits on their respective items. However, we maintain at least 34 columns and need a few persons not assigned to items to be able to make edits on 3 columns. Column restrictions are in place with the people we want to be able to make entry into the 3 columns listed. Nevertheless, these people who are not assigned to the items as “people” but are listed as people permitted to make edits on the columns are not able to. This is simply because board permissions supersede column restrictions.

It would really be useful if the board permissions do not supersede column restrictions as we need it so for a reason. Possibly, it would be great if there is a simple way to enable that or not. This is, for board permissions to supersede column restrictions or not.