Dropdown Column Permissions

I would like to restrict the ability of board users to add, edit or remove items from a dropdown column, whilst still allowing them to select an item in the dropdown column. I’m aware of column editing restriction, however this appears to restrict their ability to interact with the column completely - including selecting items from the list.

Am I missing something fundamental, or is this a feature that doesn’t exist?

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Hey Robert!

If you’d like users to be able to select dropdown options, however have editing restrictions regarding making changes to the dropdown column options/labels, you’ll need to adjust the board permissions to the following:

This will apply for the entire board. Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Bianca!

Thank you for the info! I’ve applied those permissions at board level, and removed the restriction I had on the column and it seems to have done the trick. Board users can now select items from the dropdown column without being able to add, remove or edit existing ones. Exactly what I was after.


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I am glad to hear this Robert! :raised_hands:

It would still be better if this could be done at the column level, please.

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