Restricted access to dropdown column

I have a dropdown column and I want to restrict the permission to edit the options, but keep users enabled to select the options.
For example: My column contains following options

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C
    I need to restrict the access to the column, so users can choose between A, B, and C, but can not add an “Option D”.
    Using “Restrict column edit” prevents user (which do not have the permission) from selecting AND creating an option. I only need the creation prevented, but the section enabled.
    Any ideas how to solve the issue. Thanks a lot!

+1, we need this as well.

@Jan-Hendrik @ChrR

One simple solution might be to change the board edit permissions to “Edit content”:

There are other implications, of course. But if it works, easy as cake AND working within the monday intent.

If that is not a viable option for some reason, another solution might be to create a locked dropdown that contains the “approved” labels then use a background process (Make/Integromat or similar) to undo column value changes the have labels that do not appear in the “approved” list. Not as easy or elegant. Still an option.

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Wow, Jim. Thank you very much. The first option is definitely more elegant, but I fear the “implications” might be problematic. But maybe there is a way of restructuring the board to make it work. I’ll try and give you feedback then.
If that doesn’t help… Make/Integromat it will be :wink:

@JCorrell Thanks for the hint! That workaround works fine in this case.

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