"Restrict column edit" restricts the wrong thing

We have seven values in a Dropdown column. We want to keep only those seven values.
People keep adding new values, so we have to go in and police them.

We thought “restrict column edit” was the answer. We could set our seven values and nobody would be able to edit them.

Instead, nobody can use the column to set a value.

There needs to be a second way to restrict selection columns.
“Restrict Dropdown values edit” would prevent users from adding their own values.


Hey Troy,

I understand where you’re coming from here.

Can you confirm if your request aligns with the existing feature request here, Allow to define how many values can be selected in a dropdown column? :pray:

I have the same issue. There needs to be a restriction that will not allow users to add additional choices in the drop down columns.

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Similar, but not the same.

That user is asking to have a limit on the number of chouces that can be made for a dropdown.

I’m asking that users be able to use the droddown, but that admins have control over what values are in the dropdown, and non-admin users can’t add their own values.

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Thank you for clarifying this with me! Let me take it with our team and get back to you :pray:

Hi Troy,

We are actually working on a solution for this issue specifically in order to help standardize work and create consistency in columns cross-account. The first release for the new feature is on our roadmap for this quarter :slight_smile:

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Good morning Troy, did this release last quarter?

What about board permissions? Setting the board to ‘edit content only’ will solve you this issue (as long as it fits your board needs…)