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We are a very small nonprofit just signed up with Monday. I am very familiar with a number of CRM’s and I am having difficulty finding very basic set up information for accounts and contacts - looking for some direction on where to look - and in addition to videos are there any written manuals to allow review if there are questions

Hi @Lorna - if you go into the templates center you should find some basic CRM templates to help you out. monday also has a CRM product (add on to your license at additional cost) which has more robust templates. However you can create a fully functioning CRM in standard Work Management.

Here is some more info on the monday CRM product: The sales CRM software that’s fully customizable |

If you need a hand in building out further feel free to reach out to us any time.

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Hey @Lorna,

Just to add to @mark.anley comments, (incase you haven’t come across it already) you might find this article useful when looking for ways to structure/manage contacts and accounts in the platform - :smiling_face: