Budgetplan of a project and full projectcost controlling

Hi everyone!

I want to develope a full project controlling platform for our company with monday.com. Inclueding time tracking for all employees, budgetcontrolling for all projects and a complete finance overview over all expenses of the company.

The aim is that we as employees only have to press the time tracking button at the task we are working on and our expenses will automatically be calculated.

Sadly I came across some limiting factors. For example it is not possible to adjust different hourly wages within one board/project. And that we can only inclued 10 boards within one dashboard.
So I didn’t find a solution for my problem.

Now I wonder if anyone has done the same before for their company. How did you do this? And with which specific integrations did you work? Or even better… is their a YouTube Tutorial or something like this on this problem?

Best regards,

hi @Sophia.Wolf

Few issues you address here.

  1. not possible to adjust different hourly wages within one board - not sure what you are trying to achieve. Can’t you use a column that hold (different for each task) the hourly rate?
  2. only inclued 10 boards within one dashboard - that is true for the Pro plan, I assume you want to have an overview of different (more than 10) projects in one view? This can be done with my Master - Detail app, but before trying that out it needs some explanation

Also, be careful with the time tracker. I don’t believe multiple persons can track time at the same item at the same time. Is that ok for you.

Just let me know if you want to find out more about the Master - Detail app.

Hey @Sophia.Wolf, I would recommend writing to us at support@monday.com! Then we can help you with your specific worfklow there :+1: