Bug: Unable to reorder folders

Hi there,

I am unable to re-order my folder from a few days. Using a chrome on windows.

Attaching a loom for your reference


Hey @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Sorry to see this! Can you please let me know if you can reproduce this behaviour in an incognito window (/private browser)?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Bianca,

Tried it in incognito mode. Still facing the same issue.


Does refreshing the browser result in it reverting to the state before the failed move or the expected state after the move?

I’ve seen lag on moving folders in the past, where the changes don’t persist until after a refresh.

Thanks for getting back to me - this indeed seems a little strange!

Would you be happy to reach out to me via a direct message with your email so we can escalate this to our technical support team is required? Additionally, as Cody mentioned, if you can confirm whether the folder moves after a refreshed state, that would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Hey Bianca.

The folder does not change after refresh. Will DM you my email.

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Hi @BiancaT - I tried this again today, and it seems to be working now :slight_smile: