Either lock folder structure/hierarchy/order

In our organization, we have a decent number of folders organizing a shared workspace (1 per team plus additional folders for shared projects). We’ve found it is really easy to accidentally move one of the folders into another folder and have to open each folder to find the “missing” folder. If we could lock down the order/hierarchy of folders so only certain users can move these folders around, it would be a win.

If I had 10,000 votes, I would use all of them for this fix. Whether one has 20 or 20,000 users, humans will make a mistake. So, there are people that accidentally drag and drop a Board under a different Folder. Or they accidentally move a Folder somewhere else down the pane. And there is no notification of such a move has been made (E.g. Activity Log, or notify the Admins). Leading to a poor customer experience.
We have requested this through our account team several times, but are only told that it is under consideration.