Build formula for RICE score

I’m trying to create a formula to calculate the RICE scoring system.
I want to be able to populate columns with numbers and then the formula will give me the final score, I’ll explain:

Ive created columns named Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort
and the logic is : Rach X Impact X Confidence / Effort =

It seems like my formula is not working - what as i missing?

Hi @Itayett,

Why the = at the end?


I removed th = at the end, but it still not working.
What am i missing?


In a case like this, you’ll need to test. Item by item.
etc. until you reach the culprint.

I recently just setup a RICE score metric in a board broke it down a bit further.

  1. Where I wanted to clearly define Impact and Confidence, I made these drop downs a use can select.

I then setup a another Impact Numeric column which is based on a switch formula.


Impact Numeric is set to hidden and controlled by the dropdown so cannot be keyed incorrectly.

My final Rice Score Formula is set to be
({Reach} * {Impact Numeric} * {Confidence Numeric}) / {Effort}

At this point I’ve left Reach and Effort as a numerical record however the above will provide me a Rice Score without issue, it will be an error though when Effort = 0 since cannot divide by zero.

One thing I found was with Definition / Name of a column something like Confidence % wasn’t liked as the Formula generator in Monday couldn’t handle the % char in column name.

Bit of a thread resurrection but if you didn’t get it resolved, hopefully this helps and any others who googled and stumbled on this community topic.

To Add you could just do what I did in one step without the additional columns but I like to break things out into chunks first to test then consolidate.


* SWITCH({Impact},"Minimal",0.25,"Low",0.5,"Medium",1,"High",2,"Massive",3,0) 
* SWITCH({Confidence},"Moonshot",20%,"Low",50%,"Med",80%,"High",100%,0)) 
/ {Effort}

Will deliver the same without 2 additional hidden columns.