Mapping Values to Dropdown or Status Fields

I am trying to use a formula to multiply 2 columns together. The Values are text (critical, high,medium,low) and map to 4,3,2,1. I want to multiply High * High where that is 3*3.

I imagine that I could create additional columns to maybe map the values and do the math on those.

Any ideas would be useful. Thank you.

Try this formula:

SWITCH({Col1}, "critical", 4, "high", 3, "medium", 2, "low", 1, 0) * SWITCH({Col2}, "critical", 4, "high", 3, "medium", 2, "low", 1, 0)
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Your answer was perfect. I wound up using “If”, but you are right that switch is the way. Thank you so much for your help.

This was my initial attempt.
IF({Adj. Impact}=“Low”,1,IF({Adj. Impact}=“Medium”,2,IF({Adj. Impact}=“High”,3,IF({Adj. Impact}=“Critical”,4)))) * IF({Likelihood}=“Low”,1,IF({Likelihood}=“Medium”,2,IF({Likelihood}=“High”,3,IF({Likelihood}=“Critical”,4))))