Building Workforms / Automating responses into one board

I’m using WorkForms as a Quality control process and have each form embedded in a column, each item has four separate QC’s embedded in four separate columns, the four QC’s are actually one QC broken up into four parts, is there an ability to build 1 form that has four sections that I can then separate ?
Reason asking is the results for the QC’s open in separate boards resulting in a lot of manual work to export them back into one form for reporting.

Hi @Justin8783 ,

At first glance, this looks like a case of conditional logic and a few clever views to help you operate, but we’d need to discuss your full requirement and understand further detail. A potential automation sequence might be used to bounce responses from separate forms/boards into one place, if that was a preferred option.

Shoot us an email and we’ll talk!

Team Easy :slight_smile: