Bulk "Mark as Done" Feature in My Work View

Currently, marking tasks as done individually can be time-consuming in the My Work View (New version and Old Version). I propose implementing a bulk “Mark as Done” feature to improve efficiency and save time.

By introducing the ability to select and mark multiple tasks as completed at once, we can streamline our workflow and boost productivity. This feature would greatly benefit users who handle numerous tasks regularly.

Please show your support by voting for the “Bulk Mark as Done” feature in the My Work View. Let’s make our task management experience smoother and more efficient.

Hello Ricardo!

Your suggestion to implement a bulk “Mark as Done” feature in the My Work View to increase efficiency is indeed a valuable one. This functionality could significantly streamline the task management process, especially for those managing numerous tasks.

As of my knowledge, such a feature doesn’t exist natively within monday.com. However, they do often take user feedback into account when rolling out new features, so I’d recommend everyone who sees the importance in this feature to up-vote this post. It could potentially expedite the implementation process.

In case you need an immediate solution, our team at Rally Essentials specializes in custom integrations and development services for monday.com. We could explore a custom solution to meet your needs, enhancing your workflow by allowing for multiple tasks to be marked as done simultaneously. Feel free to reach out at omid@rallyessentials.com.