Bulk Subitem Automation with Bulk Item Edit

I have a Main Board with Informations where the Main Item is a Summary of all Subitems.
Now i need to Edit all my Subitems (or Specific ones) over multiple Main Items.

Is there a Solution for it or Apps which can do all of that?

I want to select all Subitems of all Mainitems at once.

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After i could select multi-Subitems i want to change the Status of those selected items

Hi @MichaelFinkPO :wave:

I can confirm we’re unable to select subitems from separate parent items at the same time:

I would recommend fully considering all possible depth you may want to derive from subitems before building a solution around them as they can be limited when it comes to things like importing or even general automations.

Sounds like you might benefit from separate boards for what is currently each line item, and connecting them back to an overview board for your details and drill down access.

Let me know if you want to connect for a chat and hash it out a bit together :slight_smile:

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