Choosing subitems from multiple parent items

Enable choosing subitems from multiple parent items in to be able to delete or change multiple subitems at once

This program has worked wonders for our organization but I feel as though there are some things that can be streamlined or modified to increase efficiency and accuracy.
I have been using for many things but my newest project is running a high level accruals board to track cost for each job/event. I have been utilizing subitems to list by billable items. Under the sub items am selecting a start date/time with an end date/time which then total hours is determined. I cant tell you the hours it would save me being able to select 30-50 subitems under different items and be able to change them to all the same start and end time. This project incorporates 8 boards with many custom integrations and sub items play a large roll in its success.

Is this something that is eventually possible to accomplish?

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unfortunately it is currently not possible to have the batch selection of subitems analogue to batch selection on item basis.
We work for example with

Items = Channel
Subitems = Calendar Week

If everything is setup, we want to make a batch selection of all subitems and set them to done, instead of clicking through every item.

Would be great to put that on your roadmap!

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I’m surprised this “select all” feature for subitems was not included by default.

I love the flexibility they’ve just released for the subitem feature but having to select things one at a time to make a batch update for subitems is quite ridiculous. I hope this gets added soon. It will save time on some cumbersome activities.


I’m still watting, I hope it gets add it to the roadmap!

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