Mass update sub-items in under multiple items all at once


I created a board with multiple items each with several of the same sub-items beneath. I’ve been asked to make some changes to the sub-items. Is there a way to select the same sub-item under all the items and make one mass update? I’m looking for the equivalent of “find and replace” in Excel. Or will I need to update each one individually? It doesn’t seem like I can filter on sub items either. Any help would be appreciated. It is going to take a significant amount of if I have to update everything individually.


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Hi @eobrien,

You can use the Batch Actions feature to update multiple subitems at once!

Just select the subitems you’d like to update by checking the box that appears next to them:

You can then apply changes to multiple subitems at once :slight_smile:



Thanks Dani. I’m actually trying to update individual sub-items under several different items. So using the titles in your screenshot, I have Test Item A with subtasks 1, 2, and 3. Then I have Test Item B with the same sub tasks, 1, 2, 3 and so on. After creating everything I found out I need to change subtask 2 for all test items. It doesn’t seem like I can select sub items under multiple Test Items. I can only do as you did and select subtask under one test item at a time. So I ended up having to individually update subtask 2 within each test item.

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