More efficient solution for mass-updates of sub-items

Situation: When duplicating a complex campaign as a template for a new campaign, I can shift all the dates for the parent tasks by a certain number of days (i.e. 365 days) by selecting all the tasks and shifting the date column.


  1. the subitems do not shift when the parent task shifts (understandable)
  2. there is currently no way to perform a all-in-one shift of subitems, because you can only select the subitems of a single parent at a time.

Requested solution:

  1. Add the ability to select subitems from multiple parents, i.e. the ability to select all subitems of a group or all subtasks of a board, or a custom selection regardless of parent.
  2. Add a ‘select all subitems’ option to the group-level dropdown menu for efficiency.

Noting that this same feature was requested from another community member here Mass update sub-items in under multiple items all at once - #2 by Dani but the request was not understood by the team member.

I agree that subitem templates could use this feature (as well as many others). So this feature gets my vote.

As a potential short term workaround there recently was added the ability to have dependencies on subitems. Which I’ve not had the chance to play around with, but that may help your case with updating 1 date on subitems to then waterfall to the other dates. after a quick test it seems to work with a couple examples.

  1. I added a dependency column to subitems
  2. Link to the relevant start date (which is ‘Test’)
  3. set up an automation to adjust subitem date based on dependent on column changes.

Voila, it at least worked for my small sample test.
See the screenshots and let me know if that works for you!

Thanks Tim, that’s a helpful workaround. I don’t love the thought of adding more fields and automations just to handle one-time bulk updates, but for now I guess that will have to do!