Mirror a single subitem's date to the parent item

I have a board where each parent item is a project and they contain roughly 75 subitems each.
There is a current ask to have a single subitem have it’s date reflected on the parent task, and whenever the date of this subitem changes, it be reflected on the parent task.
Has anyone else needed to do this and had success?

You would need to create a SEPARATE date column just for this and only add a date to this column on the one subitem.

Maybe a status change on that subitem (that designates it is the one) could set the date?

hi @bmauch

The app Rollup Subitems can do that. The app takes (by default) all values from a subitems column and puts the aggregated date into a normal column in the parent. In your case this would be a date column in both the subitems and parent item.

With filtering you can define which subitems (in your case just one) will be aggregated. The filer is based on either a status or a dropdown value in the subitems.

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