I need the main element's date to reflect a sub-element's date change

I need the main element’s date to reflect a sub-element’s date change.

Is there any app that I can create this date dependency automation?


You can do this in make.com

DM me if you need assistance with the setup

Hope this helps

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I will take a look.

If needed, I’ll send you a DM.

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hi @Katrine

Do I understand correctly that you want the parent item’s date to show the subitem’s date? If that is correct, the question is: which subitem’s date (earliest / latest). The app Rollup Subitems can dat that for you.

Hello! Thanks for your help!

What I would like is that when I change the subitem’s date, it automatically puts the same date on the parent item.

Does that mean you have only one subitem for each parent item?


But I would like the parent item to automatically reflect the date if the date of any sub-item changes

I’m afraid I don’t see a simple solution for that other than create something in Make.