Bulk unsubscribe to items due to too many notifications


How do you unsubscribe from multiple items at once?

We have a list of approximately 1000 items which I created and do by default have been automatically subscribed to.

I continue to receive notifications for all changes to the items despite changing my notification settings to remove notifications for subscribers.

Alternatively if someone could recommend exactly how to set up my notifications settings to remove these notifications that would be much appreciated.



I have the exact same issue after importing hundreds of items from an excel sheet. Any Info on how to unsubscribe from these would be much appreciated.


Hi Callum!

I would suggest going into your personal settings and turning off all of your notification except the following two:

We normally suggest this for people who are working in monday.com but may not being building elements or that are PMs. It will reduce the email notifications but if you look at the very bottom of your profile there are separate notifications for when you are on the monday.com platform. Those we suggest to keep more of if you are actively in the platform.

I’m having this issue as well! I’m the point person for any monday.com items in my department so in consequence I’m subscribed to so many items across many boards. Additionally, the suggested setting don’t work for me as I’m also a PM for some projects. I wish there was a way to bulk remove a subscription—maybe bulk remove in a board and ask who to assign instead if it would be left without an owner?


We have thousands of boards in our account.
Because monday still doesn’t have the ability to update all boards at once via a template subscription, I had to push new groups, items, and sub-items to thousands of boards via the API.
Now i’m subscribed to every single item I created in these boards, and while I can stop using the item subscription feature entirely, I do appreciate it emailing me when items I want to subscribe to are changed.

There needs to be a way to opt out of everything i’m subscribed to at least, I could then re-subscribe to the few I care about.


Since Monday.com is being promoted as a CRM, this is a necessary feature. I create and update boards on behalf of the company and therefore am subscribed to everything. I really need a bulk unsubscribe option.


This is for email notifications. The issue is monday.com notifications. It’s terrible. I had to delete all notifications, including about 100 useful ones I could not locate, because they were buried under 1500 useless notification of a user simply subscribing to them.

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Same issue for me. I made a ‘template’ for some tasks and now every time someone uses it I am subscribed to all of them. I just need a way to highlight all the subitems then manage subscribers (like you can do with duration, dates, owner, etc.)

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+1 on this feature. Should have an easy way to unsubscribe for admins that are adding items in bulk.

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We fully agree and would like to add our experience to the discussion.

Our team recently implemented an automation feature. As a result, my account is now automatically subscribed to every item created through this automation. While the automatic subscription isn’t inherently problematic, the lack of a bulk unsubscribe feature poses a challenge due to the sheer volume of items, making manual unsubscription for each item impractical and time-consuming.

Moreover, completely disabling all notifications, as suggested in some other posts, isn’t a viable solution for us either.