Button to turn off all animations

I find Monday utterly overstimulating. I feel like I’m watching Bluey every time I have to get on there. I don’t want hands clapping and confetti and xylophones every time I click something. I don’t want everything popping clowns up out of the storm drain and blowing on a vuvuzela and jiggling around all the time distracting my focus when I try to read/view documentation. I would like to be able to turn off the excess and tone Monday down. LoFi button. Mellow button. Get that jumpy drooly dog out of my lap button. Take the pots and pans away from the baby while I’m trying to get work done button. Just chill out, Monday! button, please.

Hey John,

Sorry to hear of your frustration - certainly understand where you’re coming from here and will happily share your comments internally.

I did want to mention (incase you wren’t aware) that it is possible to stop the done animations via monday.labs: