Button to turn off all animations

I find Monday utterly overstimulating. I feel like I’m watching Bluey every time I have to get on there. I don’t want hands clapping and confetti and xylophones every time I click something. I don’t want everything popping clowns up out of the storm drain and blowing on a vuvuzela and jiggling around all the time distracting my focus when I try to read/view documentation. I would like to be able to turn off the excess and tone Monday down. LoFi button. Mellow button. Get that jumpy drooly dog out of my lap button. Take the pots and pans away from the baby while I’m trying to get work done button. Just chill out, Monday! button, please.

Hey John,

Sorry to hear of your frustration - certainly understand where you’re coming from here and will happily share your comments internally.

I did want to mention (incase you wren’t aware) that it is possible to stop the done animations via monday.labs:

Same feedback here, I do not want or need a dancing snowman at the bottom left corner of the screen. This is a business platform not a kids game.



This is the annoying stuff, esp. when you want to conserve battery, or are neurodivergent (ADHD, ASD, etc.) and this stuff drives you nuts.

There should be a user or account level setting to disable this stuff. It needs to be there because it makes the product more difficult and uncomfortable to use for those with conditions covered under the ADA.

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I hear you both and will share this directly with the team in charge :pray:

That being said, it is possible to stop the animations via monday.labs:

This is my setting:


And i still see the skiers an the home page, I believe the labs setting applies only to the snowman in the lower left on boards. I have also submitted feedback in the “give feedback” right next to the skiers to the same effect as above.

Let me check on this for you Cody!

Update @codyfrisch : Thanks for your patience with me Cody. I have had confirmation that the setting applies only to the snowman in the leftpane - as you mentioned. I want to let you know that these comments have been shared directly with the team responsible. We strive to ensure our platform is accessible, inclusive and user-friendly to all, so I appreciate you raising this with us.

it’s hilarious that we are even having such a conversation. this platform is fundamentally unserious. and unfit for business users. instead of playing around with silly animations, consider adding core features that the community has been requesting for months, or in some cases, years. I concur with the comments regarding ADA and neurodivergent users as well as platform performance. for the same reason operating systems have similar settings for accessibility and performance management. there needs to be a “performance-optimized” setting where all of the monday.com silliness is stripped away. but then I guess it wouldn’t be monday.com anymore…

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