Pride Balloons - Really?!?

As a paying customer I should have the right to turn off ideologies our company does not align with.

Why can DeV. add a feature without my approval but not be able to remove it at my request.


That is correct @codyfrisch, however as adminitrator I need to turn it off at company level.

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it keeps popping up even if you x it out.

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Why can DeV. add a feature without my approval but not be able to remove it at my request.
The ability to turn off a feature isn’t often seen on commencial software. However, customer requests to control (toggle or remove) a feature are common. Sometimes companies provide the requested ability, and at other times the requests just pile up on their chat boards or on Reddit.
When company leadership elects to publicize their corporate values (such as gender role inclusivity), they do so at a risk of losing customers or triggering a legislative response (such as Disney did in Florida). On the other hand, many of their employees, potential customers, and other stakeholders might prefer to do business with companies that promote those values.


Companies that want to play with ideologies should be transparent upfront and not force their views on heir customers post implementation, which ultimately will not align with their subscribers. Definitely a concrete reason to consider other options for a CRM.

If an animation is what puts you over the edge to not use Monday, then you should consider that this may not have been the solution for you in the first place. You have options to manage it, hope that helps.


Really letting your hate shine there


Maybe there is a better channel to display your hate speech. This forum shouldn’t be it! I for one do not want to hear it or see it. Email them, and if you don’t like it, if you are an owner leave. Stop making a drama out of a feature and behave as an adult in a business world.


LOL- I never associated the colorful balloons with Pride month. I just thought they were cute. Oh well… I think I will just choose to enjoy the colorful balloons… After all, whether the balloons are there or not will not change reality. They are just pictures showing up on a computer screen, and if you didn’t know English, the words would not have bothered you either… curious isn’t it, how entangled we get with language? IMHO, I hope you can learn to hold it all a bit more lightly, you might find that works better in this big world with so many different opinions. In the meanwhile, wishing you a wonderful day :slight_smile:


If animation and bright colors offend you, then may not be the platform for your company.

Putting discriminatory speech online in a professional forum may not be the best move for your company, either.


I usually don’t get what people are talking about when they complain about snowflakes. So I have to say thank you Jacques for providing a clear illustrative example of snowflake behavior.


Oh no, not colorful balloons! What to do…


I dread to think what kind of company doesn’t support love and freedom…

But seeing as though I was taught to be tolerant of those less loving than myself, I’ll try and help.
Maybe enabling the holiday animations will override the pride animations - although it’ll be Xmas in June.

I’m not sure if any LGBTQ+ complained about xmas animations… makes you think, doesn’t it.


What a dumb thing to post about. If you spent time looking into this, you’d see you can disable any holiday animations through monday.labs when you click on the profile icon in the top right.


This software regularly has various themed animations. If you have a requirement to see only the fun, colorful additions you deem appropriate for your personal “ideals”, it might behoove you to look into developing your own software.


What a strange way of announcing that your company supports workplace discrimination.


Or doesnt support a whole lot of none business ideologies.

Nope, Dev has advised it cannot be removed

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Thankfully, the world is changing to become more diverse and accepting! Welcome to reality, Jacques. You can either evolve into a better person or stick your head in the sand - the choice is yours.


Creating a safe work environment for staff and customers, including those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, is a business responsibility. Your company sounds like a pretty unsafe work environment judging by your reaction to some harmless balloons on a software platform.