User Permissions and Disable Downloading and Printing on more than just the Enterprise Plan

My biggest frustration with Monday is the permissions feature for anything less than an Enterprise level plan. Monday does a lot of things very well like how intuitive using boards and connecting boards. Workdocs is nice addition and I can be patient for it mature as a feature. Let me clear, I am very pleased with Monday and in no way want this to be read as a scathing comment. It’s not a scathing comment, but it is feedback coming from a considerable limitation of the product.

Before anyone points out that I could upgrade to an Enterprise plan to get more granular permission capabilities, I did inquire about upgrading to Enterprise. I was told my company isn’t large enough for the Enterprise plan.
Apparently, a company must have 25 people before it can qualify for the Enterprise plan. My company is considerably less than 25 people.
I run a small startup with multiple clients, and would like to be able to have better control over permissioning and the ability to disable print and export functions. We have not launched our services yet, but are close. The permissiong piece could be the function that forces me to change WorkOS providers.
It would also be nice if we had the ability to group guest viewers by company so we can add guest groups to client views rather than added each person one at time. This causes considerable over head.

We feel the same way

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I understand your frustration. We moved up to Enterprise and have to pay for the 15 seats even though we do not need or use that many seats, so that has increased our cost more than just extra cost for each of the seats we need.