Information on Enterprise plans

Can anyone provide me any insight into enterprise plans?

I’ve submitted a request for information at least 3 times over the past 2 months but apparently whoever receives those requests doesn’t feel I’m worth responding to.

I’m particularly interested in the being able to restrict permissions. We’d like to be able to have each partner to have their own private workspace, but also allowing admins access to them.

Can we accomplish this without being on the enterprise plan? If enterprise is our only option, could anyone give me an idea of what pricing would look like for a company of < 10 people?



Reluctant over there at Monday, I’ll try next Monday…again.

Hi @joshuams - normally the absolute minimum for ENT plans is 15 users, so if you are looking for less than 10 it is likely not going to be approved.

As for pricing, you can count on almost double the price of PRO licensing.

If you want to learn more about ENT licensing feel free to book a discovery session with us and we can walk you through the enhanced permissions to see if it is the right fit for you. Also, sometimes there are design workarounds that can make it work in PRO.

Book A Discovery Session - Green Llamas Consulting


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+1 We need the same thing but we are a small team.