Bring advanced permissions that is available only for Enterprise, to lower tiers

To me, this makes no sense to not allow small companies to enjoy advanced features … Why should only companies of 20 seats or more would be able to use these features ?

For example, hide items based on the item owner for a regular/shared board , if that was available , that would have saved a lot of clutter in many companies’ Monday setup. I’m sure like myself, many companies are required to open multiple boards, simply because these permissions are not available to lower tier licenses.

Another example, I have a sales person and other staff members, I can’t prevent them from downloading/exporting the boards data they have access to , to Excel and simply take my entire data with him, and onto the next job. I believe this as well , is available only for Enterprise.

Guys this makes no sense. Why can’t we all enjoy these features ? I’d be happy to pay a higher fee per seat, but why this ridiculous minimum of 20 seats for the enterprise ? Small businesses matter too !